To schedule a party or event please call between Monday-Friday 11am to 5pm to speak to our curator


Open Studio Hours:
Sunday & 
Monday - 12pm to 5pm
Tuesday thru Saturday - 10am to 5pm​


Studio Number:     Field Trips Number:
(503)737-4271               (503)409-0974
1255 Broadway St NE Suite 190
Salem, Oregon 97301
How you can help Young At Art

Let's be honest... Crafting can be expensive! Trust us we know.
But this community has been so amazing and gracious to us over the years and because of that we have been able to continue on and make it possible for so many crafters and future artists to be inspired

If you would like to directly donate funds to our programs please use this button 

100% of monies donated will go directly back into the studio for supplies and equipment

Can I Bring In a Donation?
Of course and we would love to use whatever treasures you bring us!​
 Here is a list of items the studio always can use:

Markers       Erasers
Glue (Sticks, Paste and Mini Hot Glue)
Washable Paint        Brushes
Sharpies           Stickers
Wooden Craft Sticks
PomPoms        Feathers
Paper Plates (Any color, size or pattern)
Pipe Cleaners       Scissors
Tape (Scotch and Duct Tape)
Unopened Playdough/ Playdough Toys
​Painting Paper

Is there anything I should not donate?
From past experience, here is a list of items the studio can't use:

​                                   Glass Items
Items that are stained/soiled
Dried Paints
Old Batteries
Razor Blades
Dried out markers
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How Young at art can help you

At Young at Art we want to support our community as much as you have supported us. To do that we offer fundraisers for non-profits, charitable orgainizations, animal shelters, dance studios and much more! We'll work with you to set a price and choose a painting, then we sell tickets on our website. That way you can just enjoy your event! You can host a fundraiser at out studio or at a local venue! 

For more information and to set up a fundraiser, please call the studio
(503) 737-4271

A big thank you to the ladies at Young at Art for a fabulous fundraiser for Salem Friends of Felines. The night was a hit due to their super fun and sassy cattitudes! Meow! Branka, Alexis and Sara were the purrfect hosts and everything went so smoothly.
We cant thank you enough! You’re the best!

Karla Canida, SFOF board president
Thank you so much to Young At Art for offering a fundraiser for Savin Juice Dog Rescue! A great time was had by all, and we can’t wait to do it again! Your facility was clean, your staff welcoming, and the evening was a blast! Even a couple of our friendly rescue dogs got to hang out. Katie, our instructor made painting seem easy. Thank you Katie. We can’t thank YAA enough for helping us raise over $200 that evening. The money will go a long way. See you again soon!